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Why I’m Excited About tsū

In Social Media on 14 December 2014 at 8:34 am

How do you steal a billion users from Facebook? Pay them.

I like Facebook, and plenty of other people do, but by the level of complaining folks do about the social network you’d think it was the worst app ever.
The problem stems from the fact that Facebook has little viable competition—and that’s not likely to change without drastic action. They’ve pretty much perfected social networking, and any rival is going to do the same sorts of things: post, like, comment, share. If everyone I know is on Facebook, why do I need another social account to keep track of? (Google+ tried to do it by making everyone with a Google account a de-facto member of G+, and recently, tried to position themselves as the morally-superior alternative, but FB still reigns supreme.)

An Alternative

Enter tsū—a social network that pays you part of its ad revenue. If anything is going to lure one billion users away from Facebook, it’s going to be the the allure of cash. But how does it work, and how much can you really make using tsū?
The model is pretty simple: You get 45% of the ad revenue generated when people view your posts. Another 45% is distributed to your tsū “family tree,” and 10% goes to tsū to keep the lights on.

Family Tree?

Tsū works a little lot like a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme: One does not simply sign up for tsū; you have to be invited. This creates a chain from your account to the person who invited you, to the person who invited them, and so on. There’s no special relationship between these people, other than the fact that the other 45% of the revenue gets distributed up your tree at decreasing amounts.
Fortunately the invitation process is easy. All you need to join is the username of a current user. For example, you can go to and sign up under me! Who you join under has no effect on your tsū experience, so there’s no reason not to click and join under me right now. (Hint, hint.)

Genius, or Scam?

I believe this is the genius of tsū. By monetizing social networking for the users, tsū is attracting a lot of content creators. They’re the people who share original stuff, not just things others have shared. By setting it up as an MLM, they’ve ensured that those on tsū are going to want to attract as many people to their network as possible, by sharing their link (like for example). The Holy Grail, of course, is to get a big content creator to join directly under you, so you get a percentage of the revenue they generate. (So, if you’re a big content creator, I implore you to join at Obviously, those who join early, make out better, so you’d better join right now at

Will it Work?

I really hope tsū takes off. If for no other reason than the fact that Facebook needs some competition. In fact, tsū doesn’t necessarily replace Facebook. Just like many people have both Facebook and Twitter accounts that they use actively for different purposes, tsū can peacefully coexist as one of the major social networking apps.

Did I Mention . . .

The sign-up process is very easy. If you want to join tsū, you should sign up at

My Prediction

I believe tsū will rise to the level of mid-tier social network before being bought by Amazon, who will rename it “Inferno” (because everything this book selling company named after a rain forest makes has to have a name referring to fire), but will keep it otherwise the same.

You Won’t Know Until You Try

So sign up today at

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