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Star Wars: Episode VII — Characters

In Arts & Entertainment on 18 January 2016 at 12:45 pm

Star_Wars_Episode_VII_The_Force_Awakens[1]Finally saw The Force Awakens. Great flick. The pacing was just a tad too fast (It felt like they tried to cram the first and second acts of a trilogy into one movie.), and the ending could have been a little more satisfying (Almost none of the questions were answered.), but, overall, it felt like Star Wars, in a way the prequels didn’t, and that’s really all I was hoping for.

Star Wars has always been a character-driven franchise, so here’s my take on the new characters—including my own crackpot theories on their origins and destinies.

*** Spoiler Alert ***

The Bad Guys


Supreme_Leader_Snoke-rcm744x0[1]There’s not much to say about Supreme Leader Snoke yet. He’s the mysterious puppet master in the way Emperor Palpatine was in The Empire Strikes Back, and we’ll get to know him much better over the course of the trilogy.

My crackpot theory is that he is a very old being, from the “prehistory” of Star Wars, who’s been pulling the strings since before the events of Episode I.



Kylo Ren (Ben Solo)

Kylo-Ren-Profile[1]Talk about a wannabe. Li’l Ben has none of the gravitas of his idol and Grandarth, Vader. Even his mask looks like some cosplay creation made out an old bike seat and something pulled out of an industrial dumpster. As a villain, he’s not all that scary. He’s more like a rebellious teenager. (Maybe he has more of Anakin in him than I thought.)

My crackpot theory on Kylo Ren is that he will survive this trilogy and will return to the Light Side. (More on that below.)



Captain Phasma

PhasmaHS-Fathead[1]I was expecting Phasma to be an subtly awesome character, along the lines of Boba Fett. I was disappointed. If you’re going to wear chrome-plated stormtrooper armor, you ought to be at least a little bit badass. Phasma did nothing of any consequence in this movie. She’s basically First Order middle management. Her character could have been replaced by nondescript stormtroopers without any change to the story.

My crackpot theory about Phasma is that we haven’t heard the last of her, and she’ll get a chance to shine as a character in the next two installments.


So far, the First Order is shaping up to be the North Korea of the Star Wars universe. Sure, they act dangerous, but if they could actually get out of their own way, they might pose a real threat.


The Good Guys

Poe Dameron

PoeDameronHS-Fathead[1]Poe is my favorite character of the new trilogy. He successfully takes Han Solo’s place as the fast-talking, wisecracking member of the group. I’m bummed that he was missing for a third of the movie, but I think he’s going to get all the good lines in the next two movies.

I have no crackpot theory about Poe. Poe just is. He’s got no mysterious back story, and no mystical destiny.




FinnHS-Fathead[1]Finn is arguably the protagonist of The Force Awakens. He’s the character who develops most. His journey from traumatized soldier, to coward, to hero was fun to watch. My only criticism was that he was a little too good at using a lightsaber (a weapon he’s presumably never trained with) against Kylo Ren (a trained lightsaber wielder and force user).

There is, of course, the question of Finn’s parentage. My crackpot theory is that we’ll never know. We don’t need to. If we find out that he’s actually someone special by virtue of his birth, and not simply by his own virtue, it will detract from his character development. He might find his parents (which would be a nice reward for his character), but they won’t be characters from the original trilogy. He certainly won’t be Lando Calrisian’s son, as has been rumored. (That would be too much of a coincidence, even for Star Wars.)



Rey_infobox[1]Rey, of course, is the big mystery. She’s the hero of the story, but she has almost no character development. She’s instantly good at just about everything, and she appears to be an unusually powerful force user. Assuming she’s not just an inadvertent “Mary Sue“, she must be someone very, very special.

My crackpot theory about Rey is that she’s the anti-Anakin. Where Anakin had no father, she has no mother. She was “created” by Luke using knowledge he learned in the original Jedi temple. He left Rey on Jakku for safekeeping until she was old enough to defend herself, and/or things got so bad that someone came looking for him. (This would also explain how she and the map fragment came to be not only on the same planet, but in the same local area.) She is the one who will ultimately bring balance to the Force, canceling out the Dark Side, by destroying Snoke (and herself in the process). This will also release Snoke’s hold on Ben, who will return to the Light.


I really like this new group of heroes, and I’m looking forward to their further adventures.


What do you think? What are your assessments of the new characters? What are your theories?


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