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Why I’m Excited About tsū

In Social Media on 14 December 2014 at 8:34 am

How do you steal a billion users from Facebook? Pay them.

I like Facebook, and plenty of other people do, but by the level of complaining folks do about the social network you’d think it was the worst app ever.
The problem stems from the fact that Facebook has little viable competition—and that’s not likely to change without drastic action. They’ve pretty much perfected social networking, and any rival is going to do the same sorts of things: post, like, comment, share. If everyone I know is on Facebook, why do I need another social account to keep track of? (Google+ tried to do it by making everyone with a Google account a de-facto member of G+, and recently, tried to position themselves as the morally-superior alternative, but FB still reigns supreme.)

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No Passengers

In Social Media on 19 December 2013 at 4:05 pm

We’ve all met them: You’re at a social get-together, or maybe even a business networking event, and someone appears in front of you, introduces himself, and attempts to make small-talk. He asks a few questions about you, but they feel forced, and he doesn’t follow up your answers with anything that makes it seem like he was listening. About fifteen agonizing seconds of this go by, and then your acquaintance blurts out his multi-level-marketing pitch. (This is especially awkward at a family gathering.) You express your profound disinterest as politely as you can. He comes back with a desperate plea. “I’m just not interested,” you say. Then, he does something that confuses you: Read the rest of this entry »